A Frozen themed Birthday.

Featured Image -- 835Yes I did it! My 3 yr old was bugging me, probably for 10 months, with what cake she wanted for her 4th Birthday. I made the Elsa and Anna cake. My girls birthdays are 10 days apart (thank goodness) so I only have to do 1 party.

I have just moved into my new house so it was fun. I now have plenty of bench space to do all the my baking and all my baking equipment and tools are all organised, so its a pleasure to be able to do this.

I got all my ideas from Pinterest. The Marshmallow Ice pops are white chocolate with blue food dye, then put in sprinkles. The Frozen Jelly Cup is just blue jelly in clear cups with sprinkles and a fondant icicle I made from fondant icing when I was decorating the cake. The Ice Swirl Cookies I followed the recipe from midgetmomma.com on Pinterest.


Frozen Marshmallow Pops
Frozen Ice Swirl Cookies
Frozen Jelly Cups

The Elsa and Anna Cake was made from 3 packets of chocolate cake mix and 4 times the recipe amount of buttercream icing with a little left over (Recipe here). I have made cakes like this before so I knew how to construct it and then just used inspiration from the images on Pinterest to decorate it. I did make the cakes a few days before. I let the cakes cool completely then put them in the freezer. Also it was easier to cut the shape when they were frozen, not as messy as doing it with a freshly baked cake. With this cake it looks really difficult to do but because it is smothered in icing all the imperfections are covered and does not matter if the cake is perfectly rounded.

The girls loved there cake and all the sweets. What are my daughters going to want next year?


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