Whats for dinner? Whatever is in the fridge!

Yes we all have those moments when its approaching dinner and we stare in the fridge then look in the pantry, then back at the fridge, then to the freezer. I have this situation a lot. I am pretty organised all week then Thursday approaches and I am like ‘oh crap what can I make?’ without having to go to the supermarket.

But I have come to welcome Thursday dinner decisions with looking it as ‘what can I put together that wont taste too bad and clean out my fridge’ night. Last week my husband and I had some wedges, salad and leftover Roti with satay sauce. Its not something you would normally put together or have every night but it was yummy and I didn’t have to throw any food out the next day.

I am so sick of throwing out veggies. They can be so expensive and when your on a budget putting veggies in the bin is a crime. So I think its a great idea to have Thursday as ‘what can I put together that wont taste too bad and clean out my fridge night’.

I always have some sort of wrap in the house, I have pita bread in the freezer (which is super convenient as I can just take out one or two when I need it) and tortillas in cupboard (I love how the the packs are resealable and can last a week if opened). Lunch or dinner they are always a great and super easy to use, plus my daughter love having cucumber, cheese and lettuce wraps, which is great to get some green healthy food in her without arguments.

I20170201_202317 had some beef in the bottom of the freezer( been there a few months), lettuce, tomato and cucumber, which had to be used now, and endless amounts of condiments. Wa-La! we have beef wraps with peri-peri mayonnaise. Delicious!

I love wraps you can basically put anything in them and add mayo and its delicious.

Next week I wonder what Thursday dinner is going to look like?




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