Lemon Curd


I Love lemon curd! I was looking for recipes and came along this one from Taste.com.au. I think I have only tried a supermarket jar lemon curd once years ago and never went back. Making it is sooooooo easy and tastes so much better. I think my obsession with lemon curd was from my younger days when anytime we went to a craft market there was always someone selling homemade jar goods and my mum always brought a jar of lemon curd. Yummy.

Many times I have gone to a cafe or it might be a dessert at a wedding and I all most go for the lemon meringue or lemon tart every time (unless its chocolate fondant, always a winner) and most of the time it doesn’t have enough lemon in it and is just plain and lifeless. I like the sides of my mouth to suck in with the tartness then the sugar from the pastry or meringue mellows it a little. Mmmmm meringue I think I will have to make one, I don’t think I have made one in years and now I have my new kitchen I think its necessary I do.

In this recipe it says to use 3/4 cups of sugar and in many of the comments said they use only half a cup. Because I love really tart lemon curd I did what the comments suggested and used half cup of sugar. I found that 2 lemons was enough and didn’t feel like i needed to add more, I still got that fantastic tart lemon taste.


I had some sugar cookie dough in the freezer left over from making Christmas cookies. I rolled out the dough and used a round cutter and put the dough in a muffin tray and baked in oven until I thought they were done. Then I let cool and then put put a few dollops of the delicious lemon curd in. Best eaten straight away. I could of make these into little meringues or topped with thick dollop cream.


I will definitely try this lemon curd recipe again. Maybe I will use it on top of muffins, pikelets, scones or toast. Find the recipe here. What do you use lemon curd on??


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