Yes, Emma plusĀ cake equals love.

I am a stay at home mum and love the world of baking. I finally have a big kitchen and a space for all my baking tins, baking tools and equipment. I never thought I loved my baking tins soooo much until I unpacked them from storage, it actually clicked in my head that I love baking tins.

My Husband and 2 kids are excited about starting a new chapter in our lives. We were living in Melbourne and decided to make the change and live closer to the beach. Armstrong Creek is a new growth area. Inbetween Geelong and Torquay and with all the all the awesome beaches, towns and daytrips, sometimes its difficult to decide what to do. Both our families have been coming down this way for ever and I always said to myself that I will live down here sometime in my life.

Now that we are settled in I feel like now I have time to bake, maybe I could come up with my own recipes and learn to take a better photo.

I also love to shop and buy things to make my life more me, sometimes I can be creative but most times I leave it to the amazing world of online shopping to purchase. FromĀ  trinkets to home decor to clothing and of course stuff for my kids. Moving to a new house I can finally have more personal expression on my home.