Yes, Emma plus cake equals love.

I am a stay at home mum and love the world of baking. I finally have a big kitchen and a space for all my baking tins, baking tools and equipment. I never thought I loved my baking tins so much until I unpacked them from storage, 2 whole boxes, I was happy to see them again.

I love baking with my kids and their imaginations. As soon as they see a big bowl or a bag of flour on the bench their faces light up and are sitting on the bench waiting to see what treat is being made.

This blog is about the recipes I love. I have a lot of childhood memories of sweet treats being made and luckily, I have kept those recipes and now my family gets to enjoy them.

With the internet so accessible and a part of daily life it is easy to follow your passions. I love being able to sit and scroll through photos, websites and social media to get inspiration and knowledge from fellow bakers from around the world.

Enjoy my blog and hopefully I can give you some inspiration to bake for your family.