Milo slice

While I was doing my usual scroll on Pinterest my 4 yr old daughter peers over at my phone and said ‘mmm Milo cake’ so I thought have to make it with her. Continue reading “Milo slice”


Whats for dinner? Whatever is in the fridge!

Yes we all have those moments when its approaching dinner and we stare in the fridge then look in the pantry, then back at the fridge, then to the freezer. I have this situation a lot. I am pretty organised all week then Thursday approaches and I am like ‘oh crap what can I make?’ without having to go to the supermarket. Continue reading “Whats for dinner? Whatever is in the fridge!”

A Frozen themed Birthday.

Yes I did it! My 3 yr old was bugging me, probably for 10 months, with what cake she wanted for her 4th Birthday. I made the Elsa and Anna cake. My girls birthdays are 10 days apart (thank goodness) so I only have to do 1 party. Continue reading “A Frozen themed Birthday.”