Ice Cream Cupcakes

20170321_145940It was my nephews birthday on the weekend and since they live over 1 hr away they decided to come and stay with us (being the awesome aunt I am I would of gone to there place for his birthday, but didn’t want to mention that). The weather was fantastic and we live 8 min minutes from the beach, so why would they want to come over.

I was wondering what could I do for his 10th birthday and I didn’t want to do a traditional birthday cake. While going though Facebook I saw My Cupcake Addiction post and loved the idea of doing cupcake cups as chocolate cupcake cups.


I melted the chocolate in the microwave then spooned it into a silicone cupcake molds , making sure the chocolate covered as evenly as possible and it wasn’t too thin as it does break easily when trying to remove from the cupcake mold. I put them in the fridge for about 20min, then gently removed the silicone. Voila! Beautiful chocolate cups

As I was doing this at night when kids were in bed, I used a packet brownie mix for the filling, it was super quick and easy (made from scratch is a lot yummier). I used round cutter the same size as cupcake cups to cut out rounds and placed into chocolate cups.


I brought cookies and cream ice cream to scoop on top, then I wanted to make a delicious statement on top. Looking in my pantry I saw the millions of sprinkles, confetti, stars, hearts, edible glitter, coloured sugar and I thought yes I will use those for some gorgeous chocolate bark. I melted more white and milk chocolate and swirled them on baking paper on a tray, sprinkled the sprinkles and let it go hard in the fridge. Once hard I lifted the baking paper with chocolate on it, and dropped it on the bench, and it broke in to many tasty little shards.


Now I couldn’t just end it like that I made a rich dark chocolate sauce to drizzle on top.


Super cute and really easy. Like I mentioned before I did this the night before, I put the cupcake cups, the chocolate bark, discs of brownie and the chocolate sauce in the fridge and all I had to do was assemble and heat up the chocolate sauce when it was desert time.

Not everyone could finish the desert(weak) because it was definitely a rich and decadent desert. For all those chocolate lovers out there its definitely worth a try.

It is a very rich desert, I think next time I would try a yummy caramel sauce. I think it could be nice, and lighter, to do a chocolate cake rather than a brownie. The variations are endless and a lot of fun thinking about the delicious possibilities .

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